Saturday, October 16, 2010

Estate sale finds

I went to a couple of estate sales this weekend and found these goodies. A vintage head vase , which will go in the shop, a vintage lady lipstick holder that I'm keeping , pink rose pillow cases for me and vintage baby gift wrap for crafts or maybe the shop . This was my first weekend out at sales in ages. I was pretty bummed because I missed a great doll sale in the morning but at least I came home with something. :)


  1. Kimmy!
    Great finds, I love them all, seems we like a lot of the same things:).
    Have you gone into Blogger under the Design header and tried to add blogs you love? Play around in there with the different options and hopefully you can figure it out!
    Wish I could help more....

  2. I was able to add the blogs I love in my design but still you can't see them on my blog. You can only see them in my profile page . I am somehow missing something.